Enquanto isso, na Líbia…

<< Most of the 48,000 former residents of the destroyed Libyan town of Tawergha, forcibly displaced for seven years, have not been able to return home, Human Rights Watch said today after visiting the town. @HananMSalah @hrw #Libya https://t.co/InCpf8dh7l https://t.co/gRPKFnsqmJ >>

<< Reconciliation agreements should have paved the way for the return of the former residents of the #Libyan town of Tawergha. Deliberate destruction of the town, and security concerns have, however, prevented all but a few families from going home. @hrw https://t.co/GZdSZVBw2R https://t.co/mkSj3qY1Vt >>

Enquanto isso no Zimbábue…

<< “Mnangagwa promised change; nothing has changed. Now we aren’t being just chased and beaten — we’re being shot. https://t.co/Cp8t0r7GF8 >>

<< At the heart of Zimbabwe’s economic problems is its $17-billion domestic and foreign debt, writes @dewamavhinga. https://t.co/cTJ9JyZQ5v >>

<< Getting rid of Mugabe wasn’t enough. Zimbabwe’s violent repression will continue so long as the army remains in charge: https://t.co/XxOB5b4oM5 https://t.co/ZRV7IMU4wc >>

<< This is the high cost of tyranny that ordinary Zimbabweans are paying at the hands of the State. The man’s hands are tied at the back; he’s defenceless & not a threat. But they still beat him up. It’s cowardly & sadistic. And this regime wants the world to take it seriously? https://t.co/QfgMc07O6f >>

Enquanto isso na Tailândia…

<< Frantic efforts are underway to #SaveHakeem, the Bahraini footballer who – despite being a recognised refugee in Australia – is currently in custody in Thailand and faces being returned to Bahrain, where he faces certain torture and mistreatment. >>

<< Two years since @DongLuak and Aggrey Idri disappeared, no news! @RepSouthSudan and @UKenyatta step up and thoroughly investigate. https://t.co/A82HFEMB8b https://t.co/AkH8ujn6G4 >>

<< IOC President Thomas Bach personally takes up case of detained refugee footballer Hakeem al-Araibi, adding voice of @Olympics, @UNHCR for #Thailand to #FreeHakeem. @iocmedia statement below; read re Hakeem’s possible imminent rendition to #Bahrain here: https://t.co/mBGleHb1fN https://t.co/6LJM0KTrg7 >>


<< A television anchor in Egypt was unexpectedly sentenced to one year in prison for interviewing a gay man on TV last week. >>

<< When #Egypt is willing to arrest even its own supporters for merely discussing #LGBT issues, who is safe from this senseless crackdown? https://t.co/O7l1FjlTdm >>


<< “You are a medical doctor? We are looking for you,” said Sudanese forces before shooting at close range 25-year-old medical doctor Babiker Abdul Hamid–emblematic of attacks on medical personnel for treating wounded protesters against Pres Bashir. https://t.co/mkfNow1aBF https://t.co/UCZ7MU9yYw >>

E Trump sempre dando aquela colaborada…

<< “Having been excused by President Trump for the murder of Jamal Khashoggi, Mohammed bin Salman understands that this US administration will not hold him accountable for even egregious abuses of human rights” such as detaining and torturing women activists. https://t.co/qEvxuqlR3I https://t.co/1TUPlaIyP9 >>

Ah, lógico, tem a querida Venezuela bolivariana também…

<< Serious claims of Bolivarian National Guard members shooting at demonstrators. The international community should remind Venezuelan security forces – and their leaders – that they will be held accountable for abuses they commit. https://t.co/ggWqxDe1Kb >>

<< Yesterday Juan Guaidó, the leader of Venezuela’s national assembly, proclaimed himself the country’s acting president. He was cheered by people protesting against the socialist regime of Nicolás Maduro, who started a second six-year term this month after winning a fraudulent election. The governments of the United States, and those of most Latin American countries, immediately recognised Mr Guaidó as Venezuela’s interim leader. The revolt’s success will depend on whether the army sticks with Mr Maduro. >>

<< Autodeclarado presidente interino da Venezuela, Juan Guaidó pediu ontem que a alta comissária das Nações Unidas para os Direitos Humanos, a ex-presidente chilena Michelle Bachelet, faça uma visita ao país. Opositor de Nicolás Maduro, Guaidó acusa o presidente eleito de promover massacres e reprimir violentamente manifestações políticas. >>

Que tal uma Europa pra variar?

<< More than two years after the closure of the #Calais migrant camp, the UK Home Office has approved a child’s request to join his aunt in Britain. Other children who are former residents of the camp are still on the streets of Calais, @Independent reports. https://t.co/HQr6DdGoAy https://t.co/SJnED1yzJU >>

<< “Russian authorities can try to use the ‘undesirables’ law to make political persecution look legal, but they will fool no one” ~ @Rachel_Denber https://t.co/lO7QF7IV8g https://t.co/M8EZmjJ6XK >>

Conclusão? Direitos humanos são frescura pro Jean Wyllys poder reclamar…

<< After the Balkans war, international criminal tribunals were established by the UN in the former Yugoslavia, Rwanda and Sierra Leone. These indicted hundreds of people and convicted over 100. But today international criminal justice appears to have lost some of its momentum, and the International Criminal Court is facing pushback from America and Russia. Such international tribunals must be strengthened at a time when demand is still growing. >>