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“GB: One last question: Will you ever return to ‘The Sandman’ on the page? Are there more dreams to come?

NG: I don’t know. You never say never again. You especially never say never again because time is vast. I wouldn’t want to go back and do something that would make what I did before into something less. There was a period in the early 1980s where it became fashionable and profitable for very elderly science fiction writers to return to things that they had left 15 or 20 years earlier and do sequels. I don’t remember any of those sequels making what already existed better. ‘Isaac Asimov’ doing a sequel to ‘The Foundation’ trilogy, it just made it less. So if I ever wanted to do something, it would have to make it more. That being said, there were stories I never got to because, well, there are always stories one doesn’t get to. So it’s not like there aren’t stories I can tell. But they will have to become stories I have to tell.”

And this time I haven’t inserted any references. Those are from the Hero Complex.


E só para você ficar mais satisfeito, do Hero Complex: 12 upcoming remakes of Hollywood sci-fi classics (em inglês)
Eu falo que esta década vai ser a melhor década para se assistir filmes legais…



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